The Number One Tee by UNIF

Model measurements have officially been instated into our product descriptions, and with that change we’d like to introduce a new repeating blog feature –  Miss KL Beauties! Get to know our models up close and personal, without ever having to step foot in our photo room (although we’re sure you’d love to!). Kelsey is brand new to Miss KL, so getting a chance to chat with her was a must. I spoke to her in the AM while our make-up whiz Jeannie V got her camera ready. I can’t say it took much effort though! This fresh faced beauty is made all the more gorgeous by her friendly candor and light-hearted charisma. But don’t ever make the mistake of thinking she’s riding by on her good looks and rad personality – you can find Kelsey hitting the books at a college in Boston when she isn’t busy rocking UNIF with us. Can you say triple threat?

Sign: Leo

Find me @:

Hometown: Bothell, Washington

I never leave the house without….my Stephen King novel.

Favorite Miss KL brand: I like them all!

Heels, flats, or sneakers: Heeled boots.

If I wasn’t modeling, I’d be… Working in a lab. I’m a chem major at UMass Lowell.

Best Halloween costume: One year me and my friends were the Fanta girls. I was orange.

Favorite photo room song: I like electronica music, dubstep, stuff that I can dance to!

Describe your style: Casual but with a little bit of an edge.