Our latest This Miss KL, DJ Lindsay Luv, knows a thing or two about the hustle it takes to succeed in the nightlife industry. When asked if the scene is as glamorous as it appears on the outside, Lindsay is quick to say “As a DJ, sometimes you are invited to a party you would have otherwise never gotten into.” So, on behalf of all you aspiring turntable masters, we asked the in-demand DJ for her tips on breaking into the biz. (This is the moment where we recommend you grab a pen and paper.)

  1. If you’re looking to be a specialized type of DJ — for example, Tiesto is focued on house, not indie rock or hip hop — then follow your passion and do it 100%. Stick with it.
  2. But, if you see yourself desiring versatility and the ability to truly make a living, then you gotta be a bit selfless. You can’t be selfish as a DJ. You really have to think about your audience and your client, who you are representing at each and every gig, because when you get too selfish with it you stop caring about how people are responding. Which brings us to #3…
  3. The most important critical act of DJing is how the crowd is responding. For Lindsay that means always going in and picking the music as she goes: “I never use a set list – I think that it is lazy and selfish on some levels. It doesn’t mean you can’t put all the music in a crate and say this is what I want to choose from – you should always think about a gig before you go in there.” Let the night lend itself and be willing to work with your client and crowd and yourself. “Give everything a chance to unfold” is solid advice that Miss KLs everywhere should apply to multiple aspects of their lives.
  4. Be professional! “It’s very easy to get caught up in a party lifestyle with this kind of career path: free drinks everywhere, people partying with you. But if you want to be taken seriously, this is a job like anything else. And you show up on time, watch your drinking, and interact properly with people that come up to you. Send clients invoices on time. It’s a job. Politeness is huge.”
  5. This one is our tip — just be generally your awesome, ass-kicking self, mmk?

Finally, never underestimate the power of an inspiring motif, totem, lucky sock…whatever your special thing might be. When Lindsay needs an inspiration boost she just looks to the iconic Spice Girl shoes sitting in her studio – a gift from her friend Scary Spice, signifying girl power – to remember how everything has come full circle.

See you in the booth!