Probably one of the few times that lip syncing is awesome. 

The countdown to election day has begun, and while we’ve all been a little pre-occupied deciding what to don on All Hallow’s Eve, it’s important to leave time for a decision of slightly higher importance. November 6th will be here before you know it, and whether you’re rooting for Obama to rock a second term, or looking to add a new face to the White house , the point is simply that you go out and vote. Your vote is your voice! And while we’ll respect your candidate decision either way, we won’t act like we Miss KL ladies doesn’t lean a little to the left (our site is blue after all). And thanks to Lesley Gore’s recent PSA video, we know that we’re not alone. The video features dozens of lovely and successful female public figures lip syncing to Gore’s proto-feminist song ‘You Don’t Own Me’ and urges women to use the vote to take legal control over their bodies. You can spot everyone from talented musicians like Kate Nash and Sia, to style icons like Alexa Chung and  Tavi Gevinson. It’s an important message no matter who says it, but it certainly helps spread the word when a handful of well-respected female figures are doing the talking. Check out the video below, and don’t forget that no matter who you’re rooting for, the lady-like thing to do is vote on November 6th!

YouTube Preview Image