If there’s one thing I learned about being roommates with art students it’s that they are not only unique, creative, and fun — they are truly passionate about what they do. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into when I accepted an invite to the MassArt gallery where my friends Jenna Calderara and Nicole Divito where showing as part of the seasonally appropriate exhibit, “It’s in Your Blood.” Although the title of it hinted to me that this was no normal art show, my curiosity overpowered my reluctance to explore new artwork. I mean, what better way to spice up the Halloweekend than to attend a presentation of artwork that’s meant to disgust, offend, or gross people out? If you ask me, those fake haunted houses never did me any justice.

When attending the show, I was besieged by talented students and alumni, as well as a few Boston-based freelance artists who helped out. Truthfully, I was utterly thrown by the sight of vomit, butt naked bodies, pornography, and so on. But then again, it wasn’t merely gruesome — it was the epitome of breathtaking ART! So grab your puke bucket and explore some behind-the-scenes photos of this strange, intriguing, thrilling art gallery.

Dalin Phann

“What She Left Behind” – nylon installation by Darien Stankowski

A collab by Nick Schlerf & Tyler Murphy

A piece by Nicole Divito, fashion design major at MassArt – This picture displays the bottom of a dress she made with moldy shower curtains and dirty sheets.

“Grandpa’s Cellar 1998″ by Jenna Calderara (jars with “specimens” in them)