Though it is not always in your face, there is a deep rooted connection between towering stilettos and towering skyscapers — they both need serious engineering and a hefty dose of design to produce sky-high success. So, in probably the most direct manifestation of the synergy between fashion and architecture, United Nude has been at the forefront of the shoe biz since 2003. Founded by a genius duo of Rem D Koolhaas (relative to famed Dutch architect of the same name) and Galahad Clark (of the Clark’s footwear dynasty), the internationally renowned brand has established itself in a major way, selling over 200,000 pairs a year!

You can imagine how tickled we are then to see British crooner Ellie Goulding rocking the Tulip Hi Boot in LA while filming an “Extra” segment. We like the way she balanced leather skinnies with an adorable beanie and a little bling, and we also dig how she literally managed to balance in her 6″ stunners!