Designer, innovator, brand developer, marketing agent, and band manager - Dr. Romanelli is a jack of all (artistic) trades. When he isn’t busy building up his own collection, he’s lending a hand to other brands doing what he calls personalization customization, aka collaborating with already existing companies to help create a new twist on a “found” fashion. Now, the trend predictor and maker has collaborated with the ultimate established brand –  Disney – on a line of Disney Couture jewelry. His designs puts a unique spin on everyone’s beloved cartoon icons. Half of his interpretation feature a vintage-esque, retro can design, while the other half of the collection embraces a more new-age steam-punk vibe, included but not limited to a Mickey Mouse pendant pictured above. Check out some of our favorite Miss KL pieces below or look at the full line here.


Mixed Chain Bolt and Charm Bracelet

The Mixed Chain Can Necklace

Mickey Mouse Pendant