Middle school is a time I usually try to forget – frizzy hair, braces, Abercrombie and Fitch mini skirts – I can just smell the sexy. Ugg boots, Juicy Couture zip ups, and Coach wristlets were the norm. Wristlets. Yes, I did just say wristlets. Remember those silly devices? As a gal who loves a good flash back chuckle, let’s take the time to dissect this word a little bit for my mere enjoyment. Wrist – the joint that connects the hand with the forearm. Now add “let” to the end (also seen with chicklet, the beyond adorable version of my fave gum). So is this alluding to a pint sized version of a wrist? Kind of confusing you see when in actuality this wrist hugger is some sort of mix between bracelet and small purse.

But back to my original thought – at the time of my thirteen-year-old glory, I did not have enough goodies to fill a big girl purse. And we all know that a gal’s purse carries her must-have items she could not last a day without. Well I guess my world relied on a 20-dollar bill and a cell phone. Pretty basic life if you ask me. But as I grew, so did my fashion choices thank god, which evolved from wristlets to clutches.

Although wristlets were the training wheels to my clutch carnival, I eventually learned to love and adapt to large envelope clutches. While they do create busy work for your hands, they tend to complete an ensemble while allowing optimum room for storage. So this fall make sure to spice up your bag game with some of our crucial clutches.

  1. The Elektra Clutch in Peach – Gold Dot
  2. The Tanner Clutch – Nila Anthony
  3. The Buena Vente Clutch in Mustard – Urban Expressions
  4. The Envelope Clutch in Copper – Cheap Monday

– Kelsey Leahy