Here is the girl that everyone is crushing on: the fashion clan, skater boys, and menswear-as-womenswear enthusiasts all flock to Jayne Min‘s photo-heavy blog STOP IT RIGHT NOW for a mix of the latest runway and streetwear trends, with hella cute puppy pics and culture pieces peppered in for your entertainment. We caught up with Jayne on SIRN, the merging of social media with blogs, and her favorite fashion week shows. Oh yeah, and pizza cushions. Come see why Complex just named her one of the Top 25 Hot Women Who Dress Like Men

Tell us about yourself pre-SIRN.
Just a regular girl trying to make ends meet.

What do you do when you’re not writing SIRN?
I’m a regular person with a regular full time real life job.

What got you into blogging?

What is the biggest perk to SIRN? What is the biggest challenge?
The biggest perk is brands I like wanting to work with me. It’s an honor really. But it’s a challenge choosing projects that keep the integrity of my blog. Truth be told, bloggers are offered a lot of free product, but nothing in life is free. Everything comes with a price. You just have to be discriminate about what you accept so that your writing is honest.

Over the last few years fashion bloggers have had to adapt to many different online platforms to keep an audience’s attention (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.). What are your thoughts on this? How do you balance the various outlets and manage to spend time away from technological devices?
It’s a double-edged sword. It’s great because there are so many quick, convenient platforms but then that also means there are more to juggle and more to invest your time in. I’m older and from the last of the analog generations so luckily my brain literally can’t handle too many technological outlets. I had the blog and Facebook, but then I joined Twitter so I stopped Facebook. And then I started Instagramming so my tweets slowed. Tumblr was short-lived. I can’t imagine taking on anything else. That’s why I don’t have a Pinterest. I try to have original content for each different outlet so that requires some finagling and pretty much all of the time I have available for technological pursuits. Having a real job outside of the internet keeps me busy.

Which SS13 shows grabbed your attention and why?
Phillip Lim was great, so casual and wearable. Of course I love insane high fashion but sometimes you just want to see things you really could potentially buy. Theyskens’ Theory was amazing too. I was at this past show and all the models had these short messy bobs and then when Olivier came out for his bow, it was revealed that their hair all matched his new do.

You’ve skinned some skate decks with high fashion prints. Describe the links you see between skate culture and the fashion cult.
It’s kind of a jump, but skate fans and fashion fans are all sort of obsessive. Well wait, by definition that’s what a fan is. Ok maybe not the best explanation. I guess both worlds are always trying to outdo themselves and be innovators. There’s this unruly passion in both that I really like.

You have a sort of androgynous style — what is your favorite menswear element to incorporate into a look?
Baggy cholo shorts. I’m going to take credit for that one.

Last thing you bought?
Pizza cushions.

Is nail art here to stay?
Nail art has been around forever. It’s just become more mainstream recently.

Where can we get a Celine blouse for our pups?
You’ll have to make your own like I did!

What is the most hilarious thing that each of your dogs does?
We’re convinced our older one, Kuma, is a person. Or at least she thinks she is. She’s so emotional. And she stands on her two hind legs a lot! Pepper, the younger one, gets really really hyped on food. She does backflips.

Favorite DIY you’ve ever executed?
I’m not one of those DIYers that do it out of craftiness. I DIY out of cheapness so it’s usually something I’ll get a lot of wear out of. I mostly like the shredding I do. Shredding denim with my dremel.

To borrow a question you once posed on YOUR blog — What would you rather have, time or money?
Time for sure! With more time you could always make more money, but you can’t buy time.

What is your life motto?
Work hard towards playing harder.