Some of the styles I admire most of all are those that utilize the perfect combination of pretty girl and street smart. There’s just something about the kind of girl that can embrace her femininity but still knows how to keep it real.

Our blue-eyed beauty Abba is wearing a gorgeous maxi from Obey paired with an Insight corduroy jacket and backpack, *Sole Boutique boots with new Harlett harnesses (they just hit the site and we are obsessing over them – they completely transform your shoe!), all topped off with a beanie. Like the staple flannels that I mentioned last week, I also have an obnoxious collection of beanies.  

Whether you’re having a bad hair day or just didn’t feel like washing your hair, they are the ultimate lifesavers and can be the perfect accessory to any outfit! Just don’t wear them too often or a co-worker might think you have some sort of head issue (I speak from personal experience). This one comes from my personal collection, but you can easily find similar styles by searching through Miss KL Beanies.

Anywho, between the mustard yellow, forest green (I’m head over freaking heels in love with this color at the moment), and shades of brown and burgundy, the color scheme of this look screams Fall.

In this look:

The Wanderer Jacket by Insight
The Weekday Blues Backpack by Insight
The Santana Sheer Maxi Dress by Obey
The Concho Boot Harness by Harlett
The Engraved Triangle Pendant Necklace by House of Harlow

Photographed by Jackie Earhart, Styled by me