BOTB’s new campaign, Anti-heroine, advocates a darker type of feminine personality defined as follows:

Anti-heroine (noun): A woman protagonist whose character and behavior are contrary to those of the traditional heroine.

So what does this mean for BOTB? Nothing new exactly. The brand is carrying on its typical badass behavior by promoting the opposite of the traditional, conventional prototype of a woman. Or in their own words – “a collection that contrast the worlds unforgiving stereotype of femininity.” The idea translates into plenty of tom-boyish pieces that still cater to an underlying, yet uniquely feminine style. Stereotypically masculine leather jackets are countered by a girlish ruffle or a cropped cut and otherwise simple dresses are spiced up with cut outs and collars (like¬†the Starstruck Dress). Check out a few of the pieces from their lookbook below, all of which can be found now on Miss KL.


The Straight to Hellz Cropped Moto Jacket

The Stand Up Varsity Jacket

The Know Body top