For my first post, I decided to do something that would pay homage to the fact that my favorite holiday is upon us – Halloween.  And who better to feature for a Halloween inspired fashion article than the ghost with the most, Beetlejuice? Tim Burton’s 80s ghoul-themed comedy is unsurprisingly fashion gold.  I could go on for days about Otho’s color coordinated suits or Delia Deetz’s out there hair styles, but since we’re pressed for words, let’s just stick to our main man.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I think Michael Keaton is unattractive in this role.  I mean let’s face it: unkempt hair, stripes, lack of bathing – sounds like some punk rock dudes I’ve dated. You really can’t go wrong with black or white, and stripes are in for the upcoming Spring season, as Michael Kors goes to show on the runway.

Thankfully for those of you who would rather get down and dirty like our favorite bioexorcist, Miss KL has the goods:

The Jeffrey Campbell Striped Litas and Jett boots are an absolute no-brainer, but we have stripes available in pretty much every medium.  Although Beetlejuice didn’t wear lipstick, I think it’s safe to bet that if he had, he would have favored these shades by Lime Crime. Also, I am really digging their green nail polish titled Pastelchio – definitely reminiscent of the light from beyond… ooooooo! Also pictured is Union Jack Nail lacquer by Butter, the Jordan Skinny pants by Motel, and the Diagonal Striped Top by Reverse.

And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without some respect paid to America’s Favorite Shoplifter, Miss Winona Ryder, as the morbidly charming Lydia Deetz:

Oh, Lydia Deetz. How badly I wanted to be you as a kid.  Is this what happens when you’re a product of the 80s?  Who can forget her never-ending supply of sarcasm and misery, along with her kick ass ensembles. Black, black, and more black. But let us not forget that red lace dress at the wedding!  Unless you’re looking for the extreme shoulder poof that she had going on, Miss KL has you covered!

The Floral Mesh Lace Dress by Free People, the Beat Brim Hat by Vans, the Quill Liquid Eyeliner by Lime Crime, the Stay All Day Lash Mascara by Stila, the Skully Boot by Rebels Footwear, and the Stone Skull Bracelet from *Accessories Boutique.

Stila’s “The Stay All Day Lash Mascara in Black” is, of course, a MUST for Lydia Deetz – as we need black all day.  Now, go get yourself a film camera and find some ghosts!

Brittany Gray