Last week Karmaloop launched its inaugural Employee Art Show, bringing to light the various interesting creative pursuits of our staff. We couldn’t help but give these guys a little love, so keep checking back for individual profiles on the amazing submissions…

Artist: Matthew Zaremba, CRM Manager

What did you show last week?
Last week I displayed an array of photos whose subject matter ranged from my exploration of railroad and subway tracks to documentation of the graffiti subculture, as well as a few street snaps. I also exhibited a collaboration piece between myself and All Chrome which is a prototype of some things to come.

Tell us the inspiration for your current work.
I would say most of my inspiration comes from my upbringing that instilled in me the importance of adventure, freedom and individuality, and from my experiences and involvement in criminal subcultures. My father Walter, who passed away last year, remains as a major influence to me. He was a true artist in so many ways and I know he would be really psyched about what I am doing with my life and my creative endeavors. In many ways I create in order to keep his spirit alive.

What is your most used medium and why?
I would say I am a photographer first and foremost, but I come from a graffiti background, and also work in graphic design. My choice of medium switches up a lot. I have more interests than time so I guess you might say I’m a jack of all trades, master of some.

Is your art background formal, self-taught, or both?
I am completely self-taught but I have an amazing and supportive group of creative friends that constantly inspire me. We build off of each other a lot and that collaborative process lends a good amount of opportunity to hone your skills and acquire new ones.

Who is your favorite artist?
My favorite artist is my brother Nicholas Zaremba. His outlook on the creative process and the resulting work he creates is baffling, intriguing, intimidating and super inspiring all in one. (He is currently painting a wall in the Karmaloop offices.)

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