Last week Karmaloop launched its inaugural Employee Art Show, bringing to light the various interesting creative pursuits of our staff. We couldn’t help but give these guys a little love, so keep checking back for individual profiles on the amazing submissions…

Artist: Emily Wilson, Assistant Women’s Buyer

What did you show last night?
 A color photograph of my favorite colorful beetle paired with bright jewelry.

Tell us the inspiration for your current work
 I love bugs – I need to find more bugs to photograph. I was reading an article in the New York Times about a Harvard graduate who went to Africa to photograph bugs. I WANT that job!!!

What is your most used medium

Is your art background formal, self-taught, or both?
Both! My grandfather, father and uncle are all photographers. Naturally I wanted to study it! I went to the Art Institute of Boston and studied photography under amazing teachers like Jack Lueders Booth (check him out, he’s one of my favorites as well)!

Who is your favorite artist?
My favorite artist, I have a few – photographer Juergen Teller, surrealist painter Fransisco Goya, and photographer Robert Frank

Museum of Fine Arts or Institute of Contemporary Art?
I could never choose a side! I love both!