This morning I noticed the #WhatsInYourBag post on @realMissKL and thought I’d join in on the fun and disclose the goodies in my bag. Luckily, I wasn’t using my “junk” bag today. C’mon, all you ladies have that bag. The junk bag that you stuff all your shit in…from candy bars, to jewelry you wore the night before, to water bottles – you name it.

Anyways, like I said, I didn’t wear that bag today cuz well my shoulder was giving out on me, therefore I had no choice but to switch it out. I opted for my super cute badass BOTB moto-back pack (coming soon…) and because I was in a rush this morning, I stuffed only my essentials.

BOTB Leather Moto Back Pack: Perfect bag for any occasion… whether it be a night out or a full day running errands. You can fit anything and everything in this bag and then some.

Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Wallet: I got this wallet awhile back for my passport and important documents for when I travel BUT because I save all receipts I had to start using this as my everyday wallet…with the amount of junk I carry in this thing, it weighs like 5 pounds, FML.

Kiehls Hand Moisturizer: There is no hand moisturizer better than this… it’s definitely a staple in my bag.

Vintage Ray Bans: These were my pop’s back in the 80s and they just so happened to fall into my purse one day (hehe) and I’ve kept them ever since…thanks Dad!!!

White Olympus Camera: Love this camera!!! It takes the best pictures and the white case is a plus… love love love…

Paper Mate Pen: I’m a nut when it comes to pens and pencils. When I find one I love, I’ll label it “Lanie’s Favorite Pen”… no lie. It actually comes in handy if you work in an office full of pen thieves lol. The pen that I keep with me at all times has been with me for the past 3 years!!!

Jack Spade iPhone Case: The eyes on this thing crack me up every time… love it!!!

BOTB Business Cards: Again… you never know when you may need to pass on your contact to someone, so these are on hand always.

Notebook: You never know when you’re gonna see something that inspires you to design something, whether it be an awesome jacket or a graphic, so I keep this blank page notebook with me at all times. It’s filled with doodles, notes and plenty of secrets, teehee.

BOTB, Hellz & GPPR Stickers: Of course I have these on me!!! You want some?!

That was fun… Now show @realMissKL what’s in YOUR bag on Instagram using #WhatsInYourBag