Did you prefer playing with action figures as a kid over Disney princess dolls? Felt like you had more in common with Spinelli from Recess than the rest of the Ashleys?¬†Were your most coveted shoes a beat up pair of converse? Well then, we’re sure you’ve heard it before…you’re a TOMBOY! And we love you dearly for it.

Because mastering the tomboy look takes a special kind of skill – the skill to show off your care-free, I don’t give a sh*t attitude while still knowing when to rock your loafers over your sneakers. Tomboys are confident enough to let their natural beauty shine, and trying to impress a dude is low down on their list of priorities.

If this sounds like you, take a wardrobe cue from our Shop by Style: Tomboy section. It may look like something the beau would wear, but we bet it’ll look ten times better on you.