The Box.

Some of us┬ámay still have hangovers from Tuesday night’s Miss KL launch party in NYC, due to either the delish Hennessy drinks (how can I resist a libation name The Sassy?) or the sad feelings of knowing legendary Wanda Jackson’s standout performance ended days ago. We were so thankful to see friends and supporters fete our latest venture! I think it’s fair to say a good time was had by all — or so our photobooth snaps seem to indicate. Starting off with an intimate dinner at Sons of Essex in the Lower East Side, guests squealed over the killer goodie bags while yummy truffle-infused dishes were chased by many, many glasses of vino. A few words from bossman Greg rounded out the occasion, and everyone proceeded to The Box for our main event, dodging many puddles en route.

Upon walking into The Box you know this is a place of beautiful decay, with Johnny Depp look-a-likes behind the bar, girls in charming circus garb, and dancers suspended from the ceiling. There is a sense that maybe you time traveled, until you look around and notice all the pretty people wearing clothes that are undoubtedly the trendiest around. Crooner Wanda Jackson was the hallmark of the festivities, with enough spunk and spirit to keep the attention of several hundred boozed up 20-somethings. Radio Rose followed with a DJ set that kept us dancing until we made our exit.


The vino @ Sons of Essex.

The menu @ Sons of Essex.

Pitch Control PR ladies; Miss KLs Susie Kostaras and Lauren Alba; Jasmine Solano @ Sons of Essex.

Miss KLs Jen Rhee and Abigail Jansen-Lonnquist.

Miss KL Head Buyer Tina Burgos.

One of “Our Girls,” Susie G, with buyers Joe Farese and Emily Wilson.

If you watch KTV you definitely know Carissa Rossi!

Dancer at The Box.

Model Andrej Pejic and Rembrandt Duran of ADEEN.

HBIC(s) in charge: Leah McSweeney and Dina Selkoe.


A big thanks to our amazing sponsor Hennessy!

Joe Farese and friends.

Another one of “Our Girls,” Lanie, and friends.

Sameer of KTV and friends.

Miss KLs Leah Soffian, Brittany Wood, and Jenna Tortorici.

Phil Valles and his FIT girls.

Buyer Jeni Ni and UNIF.

Louise from Motel and friend.

Miss KL Gio Chiu — the planner of this fabulous party!


The main event: Wanda Jackson.

Wanda, can we be you when we grow up?

Images courtesy of Brittany Wood, @LILINTERNET, and Nicky Digital (he has PLENTY more!).