This was actually from the episode right before they left for St. Barth’s, when Ramonja go to get a little bodily rejuvenation. More important than that though – how amazing is Ramona’s ass?! Shocking, really. And I’m loving the boots & pink panties look, Mario should be pleased.

When Miss KL initially asked me to be a contributor on their ladies blog, our lovely editor Susie suggested I do some fashion reviews of my favorite Real Housewives shows. Many of you may not know this, but I’m a complete Housewives addict, sad as that sounds. New York, NJ, Atlanta, OC, Beverly Hills, even Miami – I get down with all those bitches. So when Susie mentioned her amazing idea, it was total Lightbulb on my Head, Pinot on my Head! BTW, if you’re not a frequent watcher like me (my DVR slots are overflowing) most of this probably won’t make any sense whatsoever, but then again it doesn’t make much sense to begin with so no biggie. I decide to start off with the three St. Barth’s episodes courtesy of the New York gals, a season I’m fucking adoring so far. I was worried the new girls (Aviva, Heather, Carole) wouldn’t bring it in comparison to the last batch of New York crazies (hives & gum berries) but so far they haven’t disappointed a bit! Anyway, let’s get to it…

Arrival in St. Barth’s, kind of loving Carole’s outfit. Super casual yet the boots and skirt are slightly unexpected. Now if only Pumpkinhead could get out of the shot…

Then they stopped by the infamous Le Ti tavern where Sonja knew the owner and spoke to her in a strange French accent. Love when people do that. The mix of outfits is awesome though, what could be more fitting for St. Barth’s than dip-dyed blue silk and white crochet!?

Um, yea, this happened. It’s amazing how fast this all went down too, one second they were dancing around on stage like their typically slopped out selves and next thing you know – bam! Everyone’s in a pirate outfit. I couldn’t have asked for more. The shot with Sonja’s nipples out is even better, but I didn’t wanna overwhelm you.
P.S. Look how hard Thomas is feeling himself…

He is pretty damn cute though. By the way Luanne, your Worst Liar Of The Year award is ready for you whenever you wanna pick it up. Or maybe the “Group of Italians” can come get it for you?

I really liked this white lace top Sonja was rocking the night she spread her butt apart for Thomas, super cute!

No Caption Necessary.

Oh Jesus, look who it is. I was kinda feeling Aviva before this trip, but the whole rant about how she wanted them to gush over her husband and pull out the red carpet for him and do just about everything but get on their knees in front of him was beyond wack. And then when she said “I expected a party, I expected a banner that said Go Aviva, Hurray, Ya-Did-It” I pretty much had to pause to TV and go for a walk. Oh, and cool airplane outfit for someone with a deathly fear of flying. Ever heard of Jordans and sweats?

This dress on the other hand, totally sick. Love the color and the sheerness, and she just does it total justice with that long lean gazelle body.

We know you’re kind of going through a mid-life thing, Luanne – babies with Jacques, really? – but I think that choker is a little young for you. Amazingly guilty face though.

Carole kept pulling out the dope sun dresses on this drip, gotta hand it to her. The sandals are nice and subtle too.

Now THIS is a proper Luanne. Good hair, good color dress, good jewelry – I’m sure the Italians would approve.

I don’t think I hate the dress…I just kind of hate it on Heather. Not many people can pull off full sequins and sadly, she’s in the majority. Hollaaaa!

The sparkly vogue twins on the other hand, pretty next level. It’s like the sequel of Romy & Michele 30 years later! Except they invented wine and toaster ovens…

Blow-drying your body while making a pouty face in the mirror for 30 minutes? Yep, sounds like MDMA.

Last but not least, the Princess finishing things off on a good note with dyed silk and a gorgeous statement necklace. Poor girl looks exhausted.
New Jersey, you’re next!