Located in the Upper West Side, New York’s Lincoln Center is the current HQ for the city’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. And if you think it’s filled with hella’ stylish (and just straight up ridiculous) looking folks, then you would be correct. Oh, but don’t think it’s all Chanel jackets and Louboutin heels around here. When it comes to NYFW, even the Downtown kids are willing to make the trek in the holy name of style — street style, that is — and bringing along with them their casual cool style infused with vintage fashions.

Meet four girls down below who we spotted at the tents that were repping some serious Downtown-approved looks.

Name: Stefany Mohebban

Occupation: Designer and stylist and I have a fashion blog.

Tell us about your style today. I just got this dress off of Etsy and I was so exited to wear it out. So I just went for a whole rusty, brown, bold-tone thing…and threw in the white socks for fun. For shits and giggles, if you will.

What shows are you looking forward to this week? I’m looking forward to seeing Anna Sui, Proenza Schouler and Vivienne Tam.

What trends do you think are going to be big for the Spring/Summer 2013 season? I still think the print-on-print is going to be huge. I’m also seeing a subtle neon still thrown in there. I like all the plastic, and sort of see-through trend that we’re seeing with jackets and stuff. Socks with shoes is still big. Lots of color — still lots of color, that’s not going anywhere. So I’m looking forward to that ’cause color is one of my favorite things.

Name: Kirsten Kilponen

Occupation: I’m an archivist at the Wall Group. Yeah, I have the nerdy job that nobody wants.

Tell us about what you’re wearing today. My shoes are like some knock-off Chelsea Girl or something… My choker is from an eBay store called, like, Sex Angel — I don’t know. The bag is YSL but it’s fake — I don’t care. I got it from the Philippines because my mom is from the Philippines.

So it’s not really YSL. It’s a YSL Knock-off. It’s a YSL knock-off. I’m filled with knock-offs today!

What are some shows you’ve seen this week that you really liked? Mara Hoffman. That was really nice. The music was really tropical. They had leaves — palm leaves in the hair. So I really liked that. But the rest of the make-up was really simple. And the clothes were pretty simple.

What are some big trends you think we’ll see come Spring 2013? I have been seeing a lot of snakeskin now, but probably for the spring I’ve been seeing sort of a lot of tropical prints. I know last spring there was, but I don’t think it’s going away.

What’s one key outfit staple you need to have with you during NYFW? Typically, since I have to work, but so that I feel like I’m taller, I’ll wear my creepers so I’m comfortable.

Name: Ulyana Bezeruk

Occupation: Writer/stylist

Tell us about what you’re wearing today. I’m feeling a bit vintage today, so a lot of it is vintage. Phillip Lim top, Topshop shoes and None The Rich accessories.

What is your ultimate go-to  NYFW outfit staple? Clutches and sunglasses.

What shows were your favorite this week? Alexander Wang and I’m looking forward to DVF.

Name: Domi

Occupation: Student

What are you wearing today? I’m wearing Sparkle and Fade pleated skirt, blue shoes by Steve Madden, my T-shirt is Theory, my vest is Urban Renewal by Levi’s and my sunglasses are vintage.

What shows are you looking forward to this week? I’m looking forward to DVF, and I really loved Rebecca Minkoff.

What are some big trends you think we’re going to see come the spring 2013 season? I don’t know, it’s really mixed. I saw a lot of flowers. Everything is more transparent I would say.

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