Last week, the stylish tornado known as New York Fashion Week (or in the Twitterverse, #NYFW) hit the Big Apple, leaving a trail of street style snaps behind it. Thanks to your home girl here, I managed to snap up a few ladies who were well-versed in chic and hanging outside of Milk Studios. Now, if you’re not too familiar with Milk Studios, it’s a spot where tons of designers show off their latest collections during the week, and is just as important as NYFW’s current HQ, Lincoln Center. Designers like Jeremy Scott, Pamela Love and Katie Gallagher more than often always set up shop here every September and February.

With so many shows and presentations happening at Milk Studios, where else would there be another spot to catch a few stylish Downtown denizens? Check  out the stylish NYFW go-ers down below and read about what trends they’ll probably be rocking come spring of next year!

Name: Maulde

Occupation: Art student in Switzerland

Tell us what you’re wearing today: A shirt I bought at UNIQLO, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, a flower crown I made myself and some jewelry that pretty much came from everywhere.

What shows did you see today? None. No one.

Well, then. What are some of your favorite trends you’re looking forward to the Spring/Summer 2013 season? I really love shirts. And I really like to zip it to the neck. So, that’s my trend!

Name: Joy Adaeze

Occupation: Stylist and fashion blogger

Tell us about what you’re wearing today? Today, I was going tropical. I knew it was going to rain. I wanted to bring some life into my ensemble. So I chose this Versace for H&M skirt which I haven’t worn. I got it last November. It was in my closet so I figured let’s bring it out to play. And I figured why not just do the scarf. And make it a look. I love prints. And this is a fun, easy print.

What shows did you see and what did you think of them? Hervé [Leger] was really good. They have this new bandage that they’re doing that’s very innovative and fresh. It’s kind of like a weaved pattern. I think it’s a good way to show an old favorite in a new light. I also loved Mimi Plange. It’s a long story but I used to work for her three years ago, and she has this new collection. And it was inspired by tea — ceramic prints and florals. She did like leather skirts with florals and beautiful blouses. I was really proud of her collection.

Name: Isla

Occupation: Fashion student in London

What are you wearing today? I really like a jazzy trouser. I’m wearing Nikes ’cause they’re comfortable. I genuinely just got this jacket as well.

What shows have you seen so far? Creatures of the Wind was like ’50s tweed pastels on acid. I saw Suno, that was amazing. I loved all the prints. I love prints and designers who like to use color.

Name: Elana Fishman

Occupation: Digital Fashion News Editor at Lucky Magazine

What are you wearing today? I am wearing a Prabal [Gurung] dress. Prada flats that I got when I was in Milan at the Prada outlet there. A vintage Chanel bag that was my 21st birthday gift. And nothing else of note. Some random bracelets I got at fashion events a while back.

Some of your favorite shows you saw this week thus far? I was very bummed to miss Honor, as it was one of my favorites so far — was so beautiful. And if I had appropriate events to wear those dresses to, I would do so. I really liked Marissa Webb this morning, the former head of womenswear at J. Crew. Her new stuff is very J.Crew-esque but it’s a littl emore polished. And I would gladly wear everything. And Prabal today was incredbile. There weas this feather cocktail dresses towards the end of the show that I loved.

What are some of the big trends you think we will see this upcoming season? A lot of head-to-toe white which we saw last spring obviously. But it’s always very warm weather-y, so I like to see it come back. And then I’ve also been noticing a lot of clear outwear, like plastic raincoats. Charlotte Ronson did these completely clear plastic bomber jackets that were really awesome. I feel like they would just be a sweatbox to wear but they look really cool. There’s a lot of scarf prints still which I think are beautiful. I’m really excited for Clover Canyon actually because they, well she, Rozae Nichols, does some of my favorite scarf prints nowadays.