Departed to one of my favorite cities last week to catch up with loved ones, stuff my face with local delicacies, and drink my entire lifetime quota of tequila.  Not joking.  Taipei has always been close to my heart, as many of my family still reside in the incredibly easy to love city.  It was the perfect long weekend, and the best part was spending nearly 24 hours a day with these two girls (my cousins).

Things you must do during your visit:

Visit and shop your way through all the ridiculously cute cafes and shops in Dong Qu.  The area has a quirky Harajuku vibe, and the attention to detail always wins me over.  Think vintage furniture, rose buds in tea, flower covered walls, and a million and one cute boutiques all lined up in the one mile radius.

Eat street food.  It doesn’t seem like the most sanitary thing to do, but all the best local fare is sold on the street, from spicy skewers and fresh onion wraps to the infamous bubble milk tea. Line up for the traditional ice dessert served at Monster Ice, and make sure to hit a spicy beef noodle stand for the mouthwatering dish.  You can also visit one of the many local night markets where all the food stands and shopping stalls are all gathered in once place.

Drink! In bars, clubs, at karaoke.  The nightlife is uninhibited, void of pretensions, and wild in the very best way.

Check out the popular Taipei 101 area which houses one of the world’s tallest buildings, plenty of shops, a gigantic 24 hour bookstore (Eslite), the city’s own hipster Sunday market (Simple Market), and trendy Woobar at W Taipei.

I have definitely decided my visits to Taipei will be far more frequent so expect many more pics from the city soon!

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