Junk trip.  The first time I overheard this term my mind brought forth images of cargo ships overflowing with unwanted goods, sailing on a rusty broken down boat, or the view of a landfill when on your yacht.  Little did I know that the infamous “junk trip” is Hong Kong slang for a day on a yacht.  Usually drunken and with as many friends as possible.  Hong Kong summers are littered with junk trips, and by the time Saturday or Sunday rolls around you will most likely be floating alongside ten other boats, glass of vodka attached to hand, admiring the sunset while your neighboring party blasts their music of choice.  Fun? Yes.

The boy and I have overcome our fear of sharks (yes, there are often “shark warnings” in HK) and have grown very partial to this weekend activity.  But our “junk” style is more exploring deserted beaches and dinners against the sunset, staying clear of the random DJ blaring R&B tunes from your haunted past.  Saying that, it really isn’t a junk trip unless you don’t quite remember returning home.

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