While some might look for any excuse to beg off of a commitment to enter the belly of the beast, graffiti legend Claudia Gold a.k.a. ClawMoney embraces the opportunity of doing so. Fresh off of the announcement of her Nascar and being the Audience’s Choice at last week’s Canvas Cooler Project sponsored by Red Bull, she is undaunted by United States State Department warnings to steer clear of Johannesburg, South Africa, due to the mob violence and attacks that local authorities have been having difficulties controlling causing death and destruction not just to targeted victims but to bystanders alike. She cannot wait to meet the people of South Africa and to take in what she is certain will be breathtaking landscapes unlike anything she has ever experienced before.

A guest of the organizers of STR.CRD, that country’s festival intended to celebrate fashion, music, dance and street culture being held September 27 – 30, she never for a minute considered withdrawing from the event.

Calling upon a fearlessness reminiscent her most perilous graffiti escapades for which she was renown, Claw remarked “my hope is that for a few days the people of Johannesburg can put aside their political differences and let down their guard down to celebrate the best of what humanity has to offer.”

“My mother’s tried to convince not to go, my husband’s told me not to go, my lawyer has told me not to go but I am going.  I look forward to this visit with the expectation of being inspired by a beautiful country whose people have sacrificed so much in their struggle for freedom.”

“On top of all that, I have to get back in one piece, I have to be back to the States in time to watch the my NASCAR kick some ass in Talladega.”  On October 6th, the truck she designed as a statement to support the search for the cure for breast cancer will be driven by Nelson Piquet Jr.  Not only will it be the first to be designed by a graffiti artist but the first woman to do so as well.

STR.CRD is a festival that draws from the relationship between fashion, music, sneakers, graffiti, skate and dance where featured artists, bloggers, cultural icons, graffiti artists, athletes and international brands are featured in a festival of creativity.