Hong Kong is in love with the fashion event. Every store/brand/line launch deems a reason for drinks and celebration at a trendy venue of choice. You circulate with the usual fashionista and trend driven crowd, consume as much bubbly as possible before stumbling away with a group of equally hungry attendees to seek out the nearest late night eatery. I would say this routine occurs at least three times a week for every Hong Kong fashion blogger, but this past Friday was extra special for six of us.

Brew&Post member Superwowomg and Toughlove.hk

Friends and Family of Fashion Hedonism

Francis Ricafort of Buzz Concepts and DJ Eve Speciall

Geneva of A Pair and A Spare

Derek of Ztylistas

Brew&Post members Ztylistas, Superwowomg, How I Met Your Style, Toughlove.hk, and The Wanderlister


Grace Lam of Vogue China and husband/photographer Jason Capobianco

Brew&Post members Ztylistas, Fashion Hedonism, How I Met Your Style with Whitney of Fiol Prosecco

Not being a huge fan of networking, my favourite part was that not only did everyone come to show their support, they showed up to party. We quickly moved out of the VIP room to devour the entire venue and eagerly cleared every sponsored drink on offer. Most of us took at least two days to recover from the festivities, but there isn’t a better way to launch a new business or start a weekend. For more about Brew&Post check out our site here.

All photos by Paulsta Wong, Tim Chang, and The Wanderlister.

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