Scary ass little propeller plane. Great for cloud photos though!

In the short time since putting up my first Trippin’ with Tam Tam post just a few weeks ago - where I visited LA & Oakland - somehow another three cities have already come & gone. There was Richmond, VA – surprising little art scene and damn good crab soup – Chicago, IL – one of my favorites so far, super clean town – and lastly, Houston, TX – where I had one of the best Japanese meals of my life. But anyway, why talk about it when I can just show you? Soon to come: DC, Boston, Miami, and the Tri-State. Enjoy!

Little Fluffy Clouds. Remember that Orb song? Geez, infant-hood throwback!

Glowstick babe at the Hennessy event in Richmond.

My gorgeous room at the Public Hotel, Chicago. Of all the US hotels we’ve been to so far, it’s easily my favorite. All white everything!

There’s an amazing restaurant in the hotel called The Pump Room. Pause, I know, but the food is incredible!

Tuna Tartare – almost too beautiful to eat! I smashed it though…

Suckling pork belly. Next level shit.

While we were out there this photo of R. Pats rocking my Pop’s box logo surfaced on the internet. Not mad at you Rob, holla!

Soggy but succulent!

The most common question I’ve gotten on this tour is “Are you immune to Hennessy yet?” YUP!

My other favorite part of Chicago – an early birthday prezzie from Moncler! Cannot fucking wait till fall to flex this bad boy…

The travel essentials – Louis, MTTM, SSUR.

The pool at Hotel Zaza in Houston, Texas. This photo doesn’t really do it justice though. Also hit their spa for my first ever spray tan – highly recommend it, just a bit sticky & messy!

Incredible dinner at Uchi in Houston. We were graciously invited by Bun B and his wifey Queenie for one of the best Japanese meals I’ve ever had in my life – a 10 course tasting menu, chefs choice. Overwhelmingly delicious.

Orchid sorbet with pistachio snow.

Fried fucking milk. Hands down one of the top 5 best desserts I’ve ever had. See that crunchy little dough nugget? There’s molten milk inside. Ridiculous!

And on that note…peace & I’m out!