Cabana Steez at The Roosevelt

Being that this is my first post on the new Miss KL blog, I figured I’d start things off nice & easy¬†with a travel segment from my latest trip out to Cali, namely Los Angeles and Oakland. My Pops just released a super dope collaboration with Hennessy (peep it here) and now that it’s officially launched, we’re getting to tour the country and promote it, with me acting as his agent/manager. Not a bad gig! In the weeks to follow I’ll keep updating you with other Trippin’ with Tam Tam adventures, starting with Richmond, VA and Chicago next, so stay tuned bitches! Now onto the good stuff…

Bedding Bliss


The Best of LA

Working Super Hard, Obviously

Blue Lagoon

Steak Tartare Chez STK

Heirloom Tomato Heaven at Chateau Marmont

If You Ever Get a Room Poolside at The Roosevelt Be Warned…They Have Raves at Night

Night of the LA Henny x Futura Launch Event…That’s an Ice Bar. Just Sayin’ Tho

Two Days Later in Oakland, Floral Arrangement x Henny x Futura

New Snakey Sam Edelman Jumpoffs Courtesy of My Girl Twee at Hennessy!

Very Special

House of Chicken & Waffles to Cap Off a Dope Night

And Magical Cake Balls For The Journey Home!

P.S. Pardon the Instagram flicks, I promise next time I’ll remember to pack my real camera and memory stick!

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