Sundays in Williamsburg usually mean one thing — head to the Brooklyn Flea on the waterfront to check out some knickknacks, eat some local street vendor food, eye up the local fashionista competition and get a hefty dose of street style spotting. So it’s no surprise I decided to head down there with a camera in tow to check out which stylish denizens me and my camera would get to run into that day.

And since the Brooklyn Flea is generally a flea market after all, you can bet your soy-sauce-covered-chopsticks that vintage items were found to be just about  everywhere — like whoa. From the racks to the backs of just about everyone out at the Flea that day, Sunday was all about second-hand duds.

But don’t just take my word for it. Take a glance down below at a few ladies that we’re spotted rocking some serious vintage clothing vibes to the maxies!

Name: Tomoko Hasegawa

Occupation: Buyer/brand producer

Tell us about your look today: I want to show my designs. I like mixed styles – vintage and modern fashion. I like studs.

What labels or designers do you like? I don’t know – I don’t care about designers. I make my own designs.

Names: Natasha Diggs and Gizmo Vintage Honey

Occupations: DJ/Flea Market Seller and hair stylist/flea market seller

Tell us about what you guys are wearing today: We are going for acid – like any kind of 80s acid kind of look. With African headscarves – just for fun. We just want to make sure people are paying attention.

What are your favorite/key vintage pieces? Acid wash and African headscarves.

How would you guys describe your style in three words? Fun. Eye-popping. And stunning.

Name: Kerry Murdoch

Occupation: I am working in customer service currently.

Tell us about what you’re wearing today: Um, actually I’m wearing my Dad’s old flannel. And a pair of old boots I got off Etsy. And this little hat I got from actually Zara, which is cool.

What are some of your favorite designers and/or labels? I actually don’t really follow much kind of like labels or anything. I kind of like just go out and pick whatever I can in flea markets or thrift stores, or anything like that. And if I happen to find something that I like, I might go after it — like the hat [points to her hat] I found in a magazine.

How would you describe your style in three words? Comfortable. Lazy. And painful.

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