A couple of weeks ago my MAC red lip liner finally dwindled down to a size where I could no longer take off the cap… wahhhh. I tried everything from biting on it, to getting a tweezer to pull it off. Why not just buy a new one, you ask?! I don’t know. In my moment of desperation, it simply slipped my mind, plus I’m lazy and I hate going to the mall, which is probably why I shop online. But anyways, back to what I was saying… My red lip liner was no longer. Which to normal people wouldn’t be such a problem… however in my case, I get remarks like, “woah, I didn’t recognize you without red lipstick” OR “oh, I don’t think we’ve met before… wait a minute… Lawn is that you?! I didn’t recognize you without red lipstick.” Gaaahhh, FML. Even my own sister said that!!!

Anyways, it got me thinking about all the other ladies who like me, have succumbed to the┬áred lip signature look and to be honest, I probably wouldn’t recognize them either without it.

When I envision my beloved style icon, Gwen fuckin’ Stefani, I can’t help but imagine her with her signature platinum blonde hair, killer style and red lips… God I love her!!!

Oh Dita Von Teese… how I love you so. Not only is she a throwback to one of my favorite eras, with a bangin’ va-va-va voom bod, like Gwen & myself… Red lips are a staple in her pin up look.

X-Tina didn’t jump on the “Red Lips” train until her third album, “Back to Basics” came out BUT since then she’s been rolling tough. On a side note, and totally random… See the ring that she’s wearing above? I have the same ring. I thought it was pretty cool & well ugh… different. One day I was in a high end sex shop (don’t judge me) and I saw the ring encased in a glass box. I pointed at it and exclaimed, “Heyyyy, I have that ring!!!” The girl behind the register asked, “Oh you do?! How did you like it? Or shall I say… How did he like it?” With a super “WTF?!” look on my face, I asked her what she meant. She explained that it was a ring used specifically when jacking off pleasuring you man. D’oh! Totally not knowing… but it’s safe to say, it was worth every penny, ha!

Of course I couldn’t mention Gwen, Dita and X-Tina without bringing up one of thee most known sex symbols of all time… Marilyn Monroe, hellerrrrr!!! From her signature mole, to her platinum blonde hair, to her curves for days… her red pouty lips made women wanna be her and men wanna do her, including a very famous president with a last name considered and thought of as American royalty.

So there you have it ladies and gents… I typed a whole post on celebs with red lips when I could’ve easily jumped into my car, drove to my nearest MAC Cosmetics store and bought my favorite lip liner & lipstick. Maybe then I’d be sitting here with red lipstick on typing about something more intriguing, like… Why I’m obsessed with Alex Pettyfer. Hmmm… maybe that will be my next post!