One of the most exciting things for me these last few weeks has been weaving some kickass contributors into the mix for our blog’s Miss KL revamp. Lots of phone calls and emails back and forth have finally brought us to where we are now, and we think the view is pretty lovely, yes?

Here’s a breakdown of Our Girls:

Claudia Gold: Expect to see all things art related! CLAW World will focus on everything from graffiti on the street to fine art in the galleries. Her first post illustrates the influence of iconic pop art on her memorable clothing graphics pulled from the Claw Money catalog. Read CLAW World: Design Inspiration.

Jeannie Vincent: Our fabulous beyond belief in-house makeup artist is here to give you the breakdown of all our favorite Miss KL beauty trends and cosmetics. Stick around and you’ll learn a thing or two. This week Jeannie preps up for Back-to-School (or office, or the stage, whatever you may do!). Dig into Back to School Beauty Basics: Lime Crime, ncLA, and More.

Lanie Alabanza-Barcena: Better known as Misslawn, Lanie is the founder of fan-favorites Hellz Bellz and BOTB (Belle of the Brawl). She has a unique POV on the intersection of streetwear and fashion and we can’t wait to see what is up her sleeve. Could be a trend report one week and style shots the next. See her menswear inspired looks inĀ On Menswear: Just One of the Guys….

Susie G.: The person behind the Click/Clash camera is none other than Susie G. — a style loving lady who loves to document street and party style. Our eyes and ears in Brooklyn, NY, Susie will be chatting with interesting peeps on the street, unified by some particular trend or detail (a la Bill Cunningham style!). For her inaugural post, the focus was on buttondowns, because that is one item that will never get old. Scope out Street Style: Ankle Boots and Buttondowns in Brooklyn, NY.

Tabatha McGurr: Tabatha is a jack of all trades when it comes to creative expression, as she is the hilarious voice behind the Married to the Mob blog and recently published a book of collages and artwork. Here she will document her jet-setting ways while peppering in whatever catches her eye. See where she’s been hanging in Trippin’ with Tam Tam: Los Angeles & Oakland.

Give these ladies a warm Miss KL welcome in the comments! Have a great weekend, everyone.