Okay fine, so it’s technically Thursday, but I couldn’t help myself! Mean Girl quotes¬† are appropriate every day of the week. But moving on to my actual point… MINKPINK has expanded their fashionable fair with a new line of handbags and accessories! All the pieces are fun, affordable, and super fresh (or should we say fetch?) They’ve got the holy trinity of accessory categories covered, and by that I mean bags, belts, and bling. Personal favorites include¬†Three’s a Charm bangles since you can mix and match them with your other jewelry, regardless of the metal. Equally noteworthy are the wardrobe staple Twist and Shout skinny belts and the Block It Like Its Hot clutch, which comes with its own lucky rabbit foot attached. But what do I know? Check out the new pieces for yourself! Three new accessories for you Glen Coco? You go Glen Coco.