Growing up, yeah I had girl friends but only one or two constants (Hi Vern! Hi Chrissy!). Other than that, it’s pretty safe to say I was perfectly happy being just one of the guys. I was totally¬†that girl with the group of guys rockin’ creased Dickies, a white All-Star sweater with old English embroidery and Chucks BUT of course I femme’d it up a bit with big hoop earrings and brown lip liner (ha!). Are you picturing “Mi Vida Loca”¬†too?! FML.

Fast forward a few years later to when I was a hungry graphic design major in college, thinking I was more grown, hence me trading in my “chola gear” for skinny jeans, Jordan’s and my boyfriends graphic tees… yet, still just one the guys.

Then, the age I had been dying to be for god knows how long finally came…the BIG 21. And you know what that means to any 21 year old. Yup… clubs, alcohol and clubs and more alcohol!!! Woot woot. That meant I had to step up my game…sex it up a bit, yah hurrrrr. The boyfriend tees turned into crop tops, the jeans got lower (don’t front…you all know you had a pair of low rise skinny jeans), shedding my tomboy exterior and removing the blindfolds off my guy friends who simply thought of me as…just one of the guys (Hi Bam!).

After my wild and crazy stage, I like to think I finally figured out my style…androgynous yet sexy. Only one problem tho… I couldn’t find any clothes made for women at the time that spoke to me. I was tired of wearing my then boyfriend, now husband’s clothes. Which was the main reason why I started my first brand, Hellz Bellz: to cater to myself and other women like me in the culture I related to most…streetwear.

It’s been 7 years since I first started Hellz, and since then I’ve started another line called BOTB (Belle of Brawl), catered to the women who grew up wearing Hellz. The ironic thing about having endless amounts of clothes that I design for myself is that I still wear Bam’s GPPR clothes. Deep down I’m still that girl who finds comfort in wearing men’s (preferably MY man’s) clothing, only this time I rock the shit out of it and make it sexy as hellz (pun intended).

Outfit Details:

Leopard 5-Panel Hat: GPPR / Polka Dot “Kennedy” Woven: GPPR / Necklaces: Melody Ehsani / Platform Boots: BOTB / Knit Tank Dress: Alternative Apparel / Bracelet: Hermes

Outfit Details:

Tan “LES” Pant: GPPR / Striped “Billy” Turtle Neck: GPPR / M65 “The Enemy” Jacket: GPPR / Platform Boots: BOTB / Eyewear: Super Sunglasses

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