By now you’ve probably noticed that our site is serving as host to an extra fresh new shoe brand. Not surprising, since Gold Dot‘s shoes are too wacky to miss (and just crazy enough to instantly love!). Sky high wedges, futuristic metallic panels, color-blocking, and geometric shapes are just a few of the features on these funky new kicks. And who do we have to thank for these innovative creations? Twenty-six year old Phillipines-based Ally Duazo, designer and founder for Gold Dot. Duazo was kind enough to grace Karmaloop with a pair of shoes exclusive to our shoppers - The Ultima Booties (pictured above and below). These lace-up wedges are sure to turn heads with their unique structure, spiky upper, and neon base. Want to know what crazy creation Duazo is dreaming up next?  You can check out more from Gold Dot here.