The Sally Plaid Tunic, The Varsity Sweater Cardigan

I can’t speak for LA, New York, or all those lovely cities in between, but yesterday in Boston was hot. The kind of hot that makes you want to do nothing but eat popsicles while dozing in plain cut offs and a tank top. I mean, fashion shmashion when you’re sweating through your entire outfit, right? ┬áThat was my sentiment at least, until I started looking through incoming Fall/Winter lookbooks and, thanks to technology, some ever more popular eye-candy-filled lookbook videos. ┬áSpecifically the new Lifetime Collective video, which can easily act as a visual A/C for anyone currently hating their measly fan set up. The video highlights Lifetime Collective’s classic country-esque pieces while setting them up against a beautifully natural and icy backdrop (in Iceland, natch). The effect is enough to make you forget the humid heat and begin daydreaming about layers all over again.

While the video follows the plot of a heartwarmingly pure romance, it’s just as easy to fall in love with the clothes as the characters. Summer blues be gone, we’re wishing for that winter white sweater weather to come.