We know our upcoming Miss KL launch has been stealing the spotlight lately (notice the blog change?), but don’t let that distract you from all the cool gear that’s been dropping on our more veteran sites. Primarily, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce a few new independent accessory labels hitting the virtual Kazbah shelves. After all, the easiest, cheapest way to update a wardrobe is to simply change up your accent pieces. Working our way from head to feet, first newcomer up is Release Sunglasses (coming soon!), who were kind enough to provide a nice little trailer featuring their new shades. Laid back and breezy is the best way to describe this particular brand of frames. See for yourself in the video above.

Moving on to jewelry, Seven Halos is a line we can’t help but love. Run by a former member of the Karmaloop fam, we were more than happy to carry designer Jennifer Smith’s unique, retro inspired statement pieces. A purchase like the Ocean Water Pearl Necklace will instantly class up even the most basic of tees.

Finally, you can top off your accessory overhaul with a pair of on-the-go flats from Flat Out of Heels (coming soon!). Here in the office, we love a pair of sky-high heels as much as the next girl and lucky for us, it isn’t a professional faux pas to be teetering on some 5 inch stilettos. Unlucky for us, the anatomy of human feet doesn’t seem to take being fabulous into account, so those stilettos end up with more time under our desk than on our feet. Flat outs roll up and fit nicely into a bag so you can pull them out and give your feet a rest without being the creepy person in the office who walks around bare foot.

And there you have it! Kazbah accessories that’ll make you look so fresh, no one will even notice you’ve worn the same shorts a hundred times already.