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Let’s face it, the music industry may be slowly but surely going down the crapper. Nas proclaims ‘Hip Hop is dead’ and quite frankly album sales seems to support his claim. Thanks to the Internet and its free loaders, artists aren’t doing the numbers they could be. Piracy has become a big issue. The government even attempted to step and salvage the media industry with SOPA (we dodged a bullet with that one). No matter how much we love getting stuff for free, piracy is taking money out of the pockets of musicians. Artists Micro Pagano and Moreno De Turco chose to recycle CDs (remember, those things that people used to buy to listen to music?) and make them into anti-piracy art. PIRACY, the duo’s exhibition, uses thousands of the plastic discs to make portraits of some of the world’s most respected music makers. The likenesses of Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis and Freddie Mercury were all captured by Pagano and De Turco.

See the exhibition/installation images below and check out behance for details!