There is no one better than Mega to acquaint you with VV, BLVCK SCVLE’s first ladies’ collection. The brand’s co-founder let us in on the catalyst for this capsule, the perfectly accessorized VV outfit, and of course, the meaning behind VV. Let’s dive in!

You’ve never done women’s before so this is a pretty big fucking deal! What made you decide to take the plunge?

We always wanted to do a women’s line ever since we started the brand but a women’s line consists of great designers that know women’s clothing and Alfred and I don’t know a lick of shit when it comes to designing a women’s line but the graphic end of it. Now we have a few dope ass chicks on board about to kill it for us. With Jen Rhee coming to us to launch a basics women’s line we now got a great start and formulating the cut & sewn portion of the women’s line is now in effect so you will see a complete line launch with Karmaloop and us in the near future.

The cotton on this collection is super fine – did material and fit play a big role in differentiating women’s from men’s?

It has to be softer for all the basics we release because we know women like the nicer and softer fabrics so they can feel comfortable. Men’s basics can be both harder material or softer because they are a little rougher around the edges.

Which graphic is your favorite?

Pentavenus is my favorite because it’s also the women’s logo for BLVCK SCVLE.

What is the best accessory for your tees? (Describe the perfect VV outfit!)

Ok I guess I’ll start with the footwear and I’ll put (1) Isabel Marant’s Bekket High Top sneakers in black/red with (2) Actual Pain leggings, VV tees, tanks and sweaters, (3) BLVCK SCVLE jewelry, (4) Shades of Black Sunglasses by BLVCK SCVLE, (5) Rick Owens Princess leather jacket and (6) Yohji Yamamoto hat. Don’t ever forget the bracelets, rings and necklaces with skulls, bones and anything dark themed.

Why did you title the capsule VV?

Two V’s equal a W for Women’s. VV is also short for 55 and that’s our number for the brand.

How did 13th Witness come into the lookbook creative execution?

13th is the homie. It started with smoking weed, watching Hawaii Mike cook crab and lobster at 13th’s crib in Brooklyn with Kimmy hanging out with the boys.

Who is the BLVCK SCVLE girl?

Honestly? I was with her a couple nights ago. OK, maybe not but she’s a dope ass tomboy that can hang with the boys and still be very sexy doing it.

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