When it comes to my personal style and beauty preferences, I’m kind of a purist. I usually opt for plain black, I don’t really wear much makeup besides a necessary application of mascara, and plain denim is basically the foundation of all my outfits. That said, I still adore extravagantly beautiful things, even if all they do is hang around my apartment like art objets or decor, never to be actually worn in public. And the same goes for makeup and beauty products. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been drawn to just about every tubed or bottled item I could get my hands on in the bathroom. My poor Mother would walk in to find her Yves Saint Laurent creams tainted with bits of Chanel lipstick and Monoi oil – a childish bout of potion-making that lasted late into my teens. Today I tend to keep the beauty cabinet pretty calm, but anytime I have the money or resources to get new makeup and products, I jump on that shit like a crack fiend. I don’t even usually allow myself to walk into Sephora because I somehow always end up walking out with like 2 things and $100 less in my pocket. But I digress! So after many requests on my Instagram to share the daily beauty routine and rituals, I finally grouped together the current favorites lining my shelves. Let’s compare notes!

My Mom has pretty incredible skin for her age and she always swears that the secret is a good daily moisturizer, so I’d say it’s the most essential part of my routine.  I usually change it up every year or so, but my all-time favorite since childhood is Mustela. They make creams for adults but I bought the Hydra Bebé creme a few months ago and it’s kind of perfect for me – if babies can rock it why can’t I?! The Garnier Nutritioniste Lightweight UV Lotion I’ve just been using for a couple of weeks, only because the Mustela is running out, and I gotta say…it’s slightly on the greasy side. It smells really nice but for a summertime moisturizer it leaves me feeling a bit too shiny. When all those fail, I opt for Hydra Life by Dior. It’s light, nice-smelling, and it really feels like it’s bringing life back to your skin. Just don’t get any near your lips – bitter as fuck! I never actually notice under-eye cream working, but when I do use one it’s generally Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream - apparently bitches swear by it, but if anyone reading this has a visibly effective product, holla! When I’m trying to perfect the base/foundation, I’ll mix together a bit of Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus and Chanel Hydramax + Tint. The Clinique blends well and the Chanel has a nice creamy texture so it doesn’t come out looking all dry. I either apply with a small brush or my fingers, then blend everything out with a sponge to be sure nothing looks cakey. If I end up resembling a Kardashian, I definitely fucked up somewhere during the process. And finally, to wipe it all away: NARS Makeup Cleansing Oil.

The Makeup

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not a huge makeup person. After I apply the face base – moisturizer and maybe a little tint – I normally only do eyelashes and lip balm. Not shown is my trusty Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, which I always use followed by Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara. It gets the job done, but I’m definitely in the market for a new one if any of you have suggestions. If the under-eye area looks tired or puffy (which sadly, it usually does) I’ve been using Maybelline Age-Rewind Dark Circle Eraser, but I could use an upgrade in that field too. When I’m trying to look more dolled up, I’ll dust on some NARS Bronzing Powder for a warm glow – and if I go a bit too harsh or need a quick evening out, I follow it up with M.A.C Finishing Powder. Now onto the eye-makeup! My newest eyeshadow obsession is without question Chanel’s Les 4 Ombres in #27 Golden Eyes – I don’t see it available on their website (makeup colors often come & go there) but it’s got a perfectly shimmery assortment of light pinks and gold, my favorite range of color for shadows. I also enjoy Chanel’s Irréelle Duo in #10 Desert Rose and Givenchy Prism collections, but I’m pretty sure it’s more for the packaging than anything else! If something needs slightly more shimmer or pop, I’ll hit it with a dab or two of M.A.C Cream Colour Base, good for everything from under-eyes to cheeks. And since I never feel tan enough, NYX Bronzing Sticks help add an extra hint of glow. Lastly, the lips! I honestly never have on much more than some Nivea lip balm, but every now and then when I’m feeling super feminine I’ll rock some sparkly lips courtesy of YSL or Anna Sui. The tubes alone are like a fashion accessory!

The Hair

My hair is definitely the fussiest thing about my whole routine, I need at least 30 minutes or so to get it looking right each day. By nature, it’s this really wavy curled frizzy mess that seems to scrunch up at the ends unless I give it a good flat-iron straightening.  I could have it done up perfectly the night before, but the minute I wake up it’ll look like I was electrocuted or swept off in a dust storm. I normally shampoo & condition with different Organix collections, then towel dry and comb in some Organix Coconut Milk Oil or leave-in spray. Once totally air dry, I apply a little John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat to avoid making my split-ends even more overwhelming, followed by the iron. If there’s some frizz left over, I work in a tiny bit of Kevin Murphy Easy Rider cream. My homegirl who does hair put me onto this – they sell it at the salon where she works and not only does it work great and smell amazing, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never run out for as long as I live! I don’t use hair spray very often, but the Paul Mitchell Super Clean Finishing Spray sorta does the trick when I need some. I need to just get that Elnett already! And finally, the brushing instrument: my white Mason Pearson. Arguably the best brush in the game, I got mine after my Dad splurged on one for himself in Paris, only to realize the bristles were too fine for his hair. Come ups!

The Scents

Last but not least, the scents! As you can see, my Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette is rather diminished, so lately the new favorite is J’adore by Dior Eau de Parfum. The bottles were complimentary in my bathroom when I stayed at the Hennessy Chateau in Cognac, France, a few months ago, hence I’m reminded of that every time I spritz some on. So lovely! Then there’s Anna Sui’s Fairy Dance, which my boyfriend scored off a shoot he worked on a while back. I haven’t been wearing it very much, but the name still cracks me the fuck up. And finally, my newest body purchase, Bath & Body Works Paris Amour Shimmer Fizz. It makes you smell like a sweet little hooker and gets your palms covered in glitter with every application, but the mousse feels nice and cool on your skin, plus spreads a good dose of shimmer all over. Sexy stripper shine in no time!

Tell Tabatha: What products should she be checking out? What products can you not live without?