I don’t know when my inner Snooki came out BUT apparently I have an affinity for all leopard everything… leopard shoes, leopard chairs, leopard pants, leopard rugs… Yup, I LOVE ME some leopard!!! I can seriously go on and on and borderline sound like Bubba in Forest Guu-ummmpah (best movie ever, BTW) with his shrimp this, shrimp that spiel.

But anyways, back to my problem… because it IS in fact a problem. It’s to the point where I don’t even realize it until I’ve already stepped out the door. I’ll be standing at a stop light waiting to cross & I’ll look down and notice my pink leopard print nail wraps, then my leopard flats and oh dear god… my leopard print bag… WTF?! Thankfully, to save myself from any further embarrassment, I chose to wear solid black shorts rather than my fave Motel leopard skinny pants, otherwise I’d be a walking… well ugh… leopard.

(Outfit Details- Shades: Retro Super Future / Tank Dress: BOTB / Leather Shorts: BOTB / Necklace: Versace Vintage / Cuff: Hermes / Gold Ring: JUJU Gold / Leopard Flats: DTLA Find / Leopard Bag: Alexander Wang)

So to further feed my obsession and to lure YOU in, as well… I clicked on Miss KL (yes, it’s bookmarked!), typed in “leopard” in the search panel and voila, pages upon pages of leopard popped up. Here are some and I repeat… “some” of the items that are currently in my shopping cart as I type…

┬áLeopard & Studs & Nails… Oh my!!!