I encourage you to move past the red, white, and blue garb of this famed holiday week and try a juicy citrus hue instead. If its omnipresence is any indicator, this color is hot! We love the way it gives personality to shoes and accessories, and the bright tone cools down frilly silhouettes. Here are my favorite renditions of lemon-lime!

  1. The Pretty Please Playsuit – *LA Boutique
  2. The Hollywood Hills Bryn Pouchette – Sam Edelman
  3. The Heart Resin Ring – *Accessories Boutique
  4. The Soldiers Things Shirt – Finders Keepers
  5. The Amazee Shoe – Matiko Shoes

Since fashion lovers are often also food lovers — at least in this office they are! — we’ve got a recipe you can’t miss. Make this exhilarating Margarita Pie for whatever BBQs are headed your way!