Samantha Duenas, better known as DJ SoSuperSam, is pretty damn super if you ask us. She’s cute to boot and knows how to get our asses moving with her killer mixtape game and fabulous parties. And oh, she’s been touring with Childish Gambino — which we are sure can only be described as one major whirlwind! Sam linked up with Cali streetwear brand Triumvir to execute her latest and greatest: the “Trigger Happy” mixtape. The summer banger is jam packed with A-list rappers like Rick Ross, Chief Keef and Future as well as exclusive tracks from Childish Gambino, Jay Rock, and Gonage. We especially dig the album cover. Guns and Japanese inspiration as a complement to trap music? What’s not to love!

Here’s our chat with Sam…

Tell us how your love affair with turntables began.

I fell in love with DJ culture when I was very young.  I grew up watching my older cousin DJ with his crew, The Beat Junkies, and as I hit high school a lot of my guy friends were learning how to do it.  It just seemed like an intrinsic part of my childhood.  I was a dancer, singer, musical theatre kid with no money, so I promised myself that one day I’d add DJ’ing to my list of hobbies.  I haven’t looked back since that day arrived.

You’ve got a great sense of style — very feminine with a downtown vibe. What’s your fashion philosophy?

Thanks!  I like to keep it really simple.  A few years ago, I assessed my closet and realized that all I had was junk and “nothing to wear;” lots of cheap, trendy pieces that had no longevity.  I threw away all of that stuff and started to rebuild my closet with a foundation of quality, staple pieces.  Every girl needs a black mini skirt, a good blazer, a leather moto jacket, well fitting denim, a white blouse, a comfortable plain tee, things like that.  I called my philosophy, “The Seven Year Plan:” only spend money on clothing that I could see myself wearing seven years later.  And that’s sort of worked for me, especially since I travel a lot!  I’ll grab a few things from my closet, throw it into a bag, and I can make 3 or 4 different timeless looks.  I do pick up on trends, they’re fun! But some looks never go out of style and that’s what you invest your good money in.

What are some of the challenges in developing and promoting a mixtape? What type of planning (if different) goes into prepping for an event?

Mixtapes are my joy!  All of my mixtapes were born out of an already-functioning playist in iTunes.  I love scouting out the cover artwork.  I’ll get inspired by a phrase or a piece of art, and it sort of just all synergizes organically.  The one challenge is that for popular music, you can’t work on mixtapes for too long because the jams get old so quickly.  Or am I talking like a high strung New Yorker?

When was your “a-ha” moment where suddenly it clicked that you’ve made it as an international DJ?

I’ll let you know what that happens.

Do you have a favorite kind of venue to play?

Two words: Pool. Party.  I repeat: POOL! PARTY!

What is your best memory touring with Childish Gambino? Any lessons learned about work/life balance while on the road?

Haha there are so many good memories!  Tour life is just a special sphere of existence that is unlike anything else.  You learn to enjoy the minutiae.  I lived for daily game of “wake up and figure out what time zone we are in,” the always abundant Haribo gummy bears, and these snacks I’d make backstage out of Triscuits, cheese, and tuna salad.

How did this “Trigger Happy” mixtape with Triumvir come about? Do you have deep roots with the brand?

When I started working on this mixtape, a unicorn poked me in the brain and reminded me of this geisha/yakuza graphic I was absolutely obsessed with years ago.  The geisha has this beautiful duality that I really identify with.  I had to reach out and ask if I could please use it, and thankfully they were all about it!  We turned this idea into a full project, reintroducing this cult graphic.

Since your originally from LA (but now in NY) and Triumvir is a Cali brand through and through, does this mixtape has an essentially west coast feel to it?

True, all of those elements are West Coasty, but this mixtape’s roots are in the South.

What’s next for you?

The moon.

Download the mixtape for a friendly price (free) over at the Karmaloop Music hub!

Photography by Ibra Ake, Cover Art by Triumvir.