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Our friends at MINKPINK are throwing an epic worldwide competition this month, inviting all you Slasher fans to “Supe Up Your Slashers!” Denim cutoffs are undeniably a mainstay in any gal’s wardrobe, so we adore the notion of personalizing them to express yourself or to highlight current trends. As a young summer camper I was quite fond of tie dye, leading us to attempt a dip dyed look on our own Slashers. With the much-needed assistance of my intern Sarah Shakeri, our shorts came out beautifully! Here is our step by step guide to achieving these perfectly purple cutoffs. Consider it your call to enter the contest on MINKPINK’s Facebook page! There are a lot of Benji’s up for grabs.


- Slashers, or any denim cutoffs are acceptable to enter if you don’t own a pair

- Rit dye of your choice; we used the vibrant “Violet” hue

- A sturdy plastic bucket, filled with 2 gallons of hot water

*Make sure you are working in a space where there is no threat of damage from splattered, spilled, or dripping dye! And a safe place to drain.

Soak your shorts in water and wring the excess out. Add 1/3 of a cup of dye to the bucket of hot water. Place the shorts into the dye without submerging them fully. We used large office clips to secure them while we waited as they soaked 10 minutes. (See below.)

The next step is to remove the shorts and wring out excess dye. Add another 1/3 cup of dye to the bucket of water. Place the shorts back in, lifting them up slightly to concentrate the dye on the bottom, and then secure with clips. Let soak for 5 more minutes.

Feel free to repeat the prior step a third time. Once you achieve the desired look, wring out the excess dye again. Then rinse the shorts in clean water and safely dump the bucket of dye. Hang shorts in a safe place to dry!

And voila! You’ve got a colorful update on a summer staple. Resist the temptation to dip dye the rest of your wardrobe (or don’t).