We received some inspiring submissions from our LOVE NAIL TREE Story Contest last month, and we are thrilled to share the winning entry with you here on our blog! Check out “This Machine Kills Fascists.” from Mialene, based on the Typewriter Kills Fascists Blouse Tee


“This Machine Kills Fascists.”

It beats. Heavy. Disoriented. Demanding complete submission.

It does not know my struggles, It does not feel my pain. My aches.

It says It can tell when things are right. It says It’s the one We should believe,

but does It not realize It has Its owners on their knees?

It races. Not running away from Itself, but running off all those who dare to question It.

We live in fear, hunkered in this small room, rationalizing the meals, unaware of any dry spells, sadly bound to Its indecisive nature.

We rejoice in Its laughter, and cower in Its silence.

How can something stop and start so easily, without second thought to the scars it’ll leave?

It pounds. Its mighty fist on the door of the ribs, desperate to break out, not to be free, but to reign supremacy over the entire town.

It breaks. Splitting Its flesh like the prying fingers to a fresh summertime tangerine.

Its cold liquid trickling down, leaving a layer of black ice over the channels.

In the dead of night, Its sobs flood the ears, pitying only Itself and Its damage over the years.

If only it would learn that a community thrives on co-operation, and not this slavery system it has quietly passed into law,

then maybe I could have My say, and It wouldn’t have had to suffer through this all.

But that day seems long gone now, the tunnel losing light,

and as I mark this entry in my journal as ‘I.H.R pt X‘,

shh, it’s waking,

I ready Myself for this fight.


Congrats Mialene! And thanks to all who entered!