Lime Crime is widely known in beauty circles as one of the top cruelty free lines and has even been described as “the Betsey Johnson of cosmetics” by Emmy-nominated makeup artist Amy Strozzi. The brand is also a leader in regard to product quality and on-trend hues, with its entire line developed and manufactured in a local California lab under the creative direction of make up artist and “Unicorn Queen,” Doe Deere. Our punchy lipstick assortment might have you wondering “How in the name of Zeus do I wear pastel purple?!” Intern Jenna Tortorici is here to excuse your hesitations!

We know that purchasing a lipstick online without trying it on first can be tough. We are now carrying the most amazing opaque lipsticks by Lime Crime and the shades are perfect for summer and can spice up any mediocre outfit! To help you see how these colors show up on different skin tones we tried three shades on five different people at the Karmaloop headquarters.

  • The first color (above) is an incredible creamsicle-like pastel orange called Cosmopop. With a tan this color will be sure to catch people’s attention!
  • The second color is a creamy baby pink called Great Pink Planet. Although still unreal, it is definitely the more normal choice for you more demure folks.
  • The third color is a blinding Easter-egg purple called D’Lilac. I recommend this shade for those of you who love making a statement.

Jeannie Vincent, our new official on-site makeup artist, loves these fantasy inspired sticks because it is one of the only brand where the colors applies exactly as it appears in the tube because of its high pigment concentration. Says Jeannie: “While wearing such a bold lip color, you want to make sure your skin looks as flawless as possible so you have the best canvas to show off the new shade. Make sure your lips are smooth and hydrated before applying these colors. Use a gentle exfoliant and a moisturizing lip balm, then blot off any excess to ensure the lipstick goes on smoothly and evenly.” And remember girls, confidence in your beauty look is key! If you feel hot when wearing an alternative color, then you’ll look hot as well.