Like iconic designers of yesteryear, 2012′s spring collections are drawing inspiration from that perfect little indent that runs between your shoulder blades and down your spine, considered by many to be one the sexiest, most universally flattering visuals of the female figure. Pieces run the gamut from literal bony spine-like details to cutouts and zippers that just hint at the skeletal structure beneath. Often paired with a more basic front silhouette, these gorgeous and so very of-the-moment designs are meant to flaunt what nature gave you while still leaving something to the imagination. We have no shortage of back baring silhouettes, some of which are highlighted below:

From left to right: the And What?! Dress by BOTB by Hellz Bellz, the In My Arms Dress by Finders Keepers, the So Back to Me Maxi Dress by Free People, and the Salvita Bralette by Motel.

Sarah Shakeri