Ohhh…Alright…, 1964

The name Roy Lichtenstein has long been synonymous with Pop Art, perhaps second in fame only to Andy Warhol. However, curators at the Art Institute of Chicago and the London Tate Modern argue that there’s more to the artist than what has been previously shown. The new Chicago-based exhibit plainly titled “Roy Lichtenstein: A Retrospective” features the largest collection of the artist’s work to grace a single showing, including never before seen pieces sketches and paintings. The range of work hopes to reveal new depth and development to Lichtenstein’s style. Open through the summer, the exhibit can be considered a perfect way to escape the summer heat and spend a day indoors.

Can’t make it out to Chicago? What about a trip to your living room? Amazon already has a book based on the exhibit that should prove more than worthy of your coffee table.

Ashley Suarez Wood

The Melody Haunts my Reverie, 1965. Lithograph on paper.