Okay, so we may not be able to properly pronounce her name, but we can say that artist Rineke Dijkstra has some serious chops when it comes to portraiture. The Dutch photographer’s style can be defined by color photographs of her subjects in front of simple backgrounds, typically looking straight into the camera lens. The effect is both alluring and insightful, the simplicity of the background drawing us solely to the expression of the subject. But now for my point: while many of you may have caught a glimpse of her work gracing the pages of W Magazine, the Guggenheim will be opening a much more elaborate mid-career retrospective of Dijkstra’s portraits this weekend.  The exhibit will contain over 70 of her style defining color portraits as well as five video installations. We can only hope her lovely portrait of the talented Chloe Moretz will be included. Visit the Guggenheim site for more info.

Ashley Suarez Wood