I’ve been on the go lately…it’s just that season here for us. Trade shows, vacays, weekend getaways. Whatever your pleasure, you should always remain cute while movin’ and shakin’. No excuses. I am in total agreement with staying comfortable while doing so but sweatpants and a beat up tee are not the option…well it depends on what kind of sweats and is the tee simply a distressed tee! Point being it doesn’t take a lot to be cute while cuddling up on your flight.

This week our model contest winner Kimberly Johansson was here to show off how we do this. You’ll see she’s rocking heels — obviously not the best choice for running around an airport — but that’s what your carry on is for! Switch up the footwear once you land for a chic arrival.

Styling: Jasmine Imani

Photography: Mari Nishimura