“Top it off” is a phrase I like to reserve for the bartender making my mojito, but for spring I’ll make an exception and apply it to headwear. Frankly, I’m terrified of hats, headbands, chains and the like — I have a really small head — but I sure like to ogle them from afar! With Coachella already well behind us, kicking off the festival season and in general, spring,  I think it is important to discuss ways to prettify already gorgeous hairstyles and even hide a rat’s nest of locks on a frizztastic, “skipped the shower” kind of day. Let’s get down to it!

Obviously a good hat is always an option, and I especially like these souped up versions of the cliched big beach hat. The Stud at the Beach Hat by Vans is an edgy twist on your momma’s woven straw sun-blocking gear with a distressed treatment and pyramid studded crown. On the right you’ve got the Macey Floppy Hat by Goorin Brothers, which to me looks like a more accessible version of the unique “Panama hat” I discovered on a trip to Ecuador last year, where prices can climb into the thousands for a top quality rendition. They are ideal for traveling because you can literally roll them up, throw ‘em in a suitcase, and when they are unrolled they fully retain their shape. Pretty badass. No need to plan a trip to the equator just yet, you can still rock the look without the hefty price tag.

Like I said before, I’m not a hats gal, but I could definitely play around with these alternatives: the Skull Scarf from *Accessories Boutique and the Regal Headpiece by Wildfox. Both are feminine adornments that bring flavor to any warm weather getup. Scarf lovers — stay tuned for a styling tutorial! These babies are especially good for disguising bedhead and greasy roots.

Tell us in the comments: which of these options fits your style best?