How do crazy people go through the forest? According to Species by the Thousands, they take the psychopath. Don’t you feel a certain pleasure in buying unique indie jewelry that always trumps the passing, cheap thrill of its fast fashion counterparts? Species is one of the more exciting brands working out of Brooklyn recently, and everyone from Refinery29 to NYLON is discussing this charming label. Founder Erica Bradbury has been building its cult following since 2006, citing moons, plants, animals, ghosts, witchcraft, and bearded men as inspiration. With a motley mash up between 70′s nostalgia, the natural, and the supernatural, Erica successfully translates this moody aesthetic to jewelry and apparel. We caught up with Erica to bring you a Species primer…

Describe your brand in 10 words.
In the woods in a van with a bearded man listening to psychedelic music and wolves hollowing.
(woods, van, psychedelic, 70′s, masculine, howling wolves, creepy, fun, young)

What path led you to jewelry design?
After getting an M.F.A. in painting I moved to Brooklyn. I started working for an accessories designer, she showed me where to buy jewelry supplies and I quickly fell in love with it.

Name your most personal motif from Species collections and tell us why!
The nature motif, twigs, bones and animals. I watched a lot of Twin Peaks in my early teen years. I became really scared of the woods.

You have an interesting brick and mortar arrangement with fellow indie brand Cold Picnic, appropriately titled A Thousand Picnics. How was this endeavor conceived?
I knew Phoebe from grad school and she went on to study fashion in Boston, where she met Peter..a few years went by and we were all in Brooklyn making jewelry and wanting to make housewares and accessories. We thought it would be nice to build an environment we could work in and house our experiments.

What can customers find besides jewelry?
Besides jewelry we have candles and apothecary we make, spell kits, dream catchers, printed apparel, fair trade wooden bowls from Kenya, rugs and blankets and character pillows.

Why Brooklyn?
Well Manhattan is weird and we didn’t want to move.

Can we expect more apparel from Species anytime soon?
Yes! There’s some at the store now and I am working on new prints for Fall.

Shop some of our picks above, clockwise from top left: the Vertebrae Tie Necklace, the Skull Cross Necklace, the Skeleton Cuff, the Priestess Bangle, the Pebble Ring, and the Skull Ring.