It’s more than a bracelet, it’s a movement.

Each beautifully handcrafted Pura Vida bracelet and headband sold helps provide full time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica. Each bracelet’s unique colors, beads, and detailing express the Costa Rican mantra of “pure life.” You’ll have a hard time finding someone with the same wrist candy as yourself given the handmade quality of pieces like the Braided Bracelet in Glowstick Multi, the Platinum Bracelet in Neon Green, or the Midnight Headband Pack from Karmaloop.

Pura Vida started out when two friends fell in love with the laidback lifestyle while they were vacationing on the beaches of Costa Rica. One day, they saw a local artisan named Jorge peddling his handmade bracelets on the beach. From neon to earth tones, the friends found the bracelets to reflect the local culture. They asked Jorge to make 400 bracelets that they could bring back to the US and sell. At the time, Jorge lived in a single room with three beds shared by other members of his family. Now, selling over 15,000 bracelets a week around the world, he can afford a house!

The movement continues to grow and support charities across the globe. With a purchase of the Stop Bullying Awareness Bracelet, one dollar is donated to that charity. Same goes for the Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet and the Alzheimer’s Awareness Bracelet.

Plus, 1% of Pura Vida’s sales goes to The Surfrider Foundation, dedicated to cleaning up beaches around the world. Join the movement! Support happy beaches, charitable causes, and jobs for Costa Ricans simply by wearing one of Pura Vida’s handcrafted bracelets.

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Sydney Lindberg