Isn’t it insane to see how both beauty and advertising have morphed in the last several decades? Originating with illustrated Vogue covers, years later we have digitally manipulated fashion photography from the likes of David LaChapelle. Think of the technological advances that enabled NAIL ART! It was only in this last century that colored nail gloss was introduced (around the same time as the invention of automobile paint – ew?). Legend has it that nail color was at one time considered self-mutilation by psychiatrists. Well, send me to the looney bin because I can’t imagine life without a rainbow of hues to prettify my hands and feet! I’m digging this vintage Dior ad, mostly because I’m sure green, blue, and yellow were not necessarily popular hues at the time. It is a nice reminder though that the wild pigments of the 21st century aren’t as groundbreaking as we may think! Of course a French fashion house would be at the forefront of such a movement.